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Our Services

  ZEBRA® Branding Services for All the Needs of a Reputable Company

ZEBRA® Creators

We are architects of the coming days. We strive towards the realization of rights arising from the creativity of individuals.

We create from Sound, 3D shape, Figurative, Hologram, Motion, Multimedia, Pattern and Position trademark to Complete Web Development Solutions and Digital product/Mobile App Solutions. We create, implement and protect in order to impress.

ZEBRA® Composers

With a fascinating user experience, you can increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Playing relaxing music or special sounds in your business premises, such as the sound of a tire using a gas pedal for your car of the future, can create a unique user experience that your customers will never forget.

With an audio image, you can increase the satisfaction of your customers with your services or products. By doing so, you persuade customers to re-purchase your services or products and increase its chances and build your customers’ trust in your service and your company.

With our many years of experience and knowledge in the field of intellectual property and in the field of music composing and its protection, we create and compose the sound and at the same time help you to protect the unique sound trademark or sound service mark in the Republic of Slovenia and anywhere else in the world.

We create your branding, typical for you, taking into account your requirements, wishes and expectations and wishes and expectations of your customers.

ZEBRA® Designers

Visual personality is very important. Let us expand your business beyond your inspiration.

We serve you with the Sound and Logo creation, Branding Design, Identity Design, and Website Design. All these include planning and creation, which involves information infrastructure, sound and logo structuring, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography) as well as icons design.

Our fully responsive design can support all the major mobile devices.

ZEBRA® Complete Web Development Solution & Mobile App Solutions

Your business online matters to us. Tailor-made development services aim to increase your profit.

We equip you with useful development solutions to secure your foolproof, convenient and user-friendly web arena.

Our Web Development Solution includes WordPress, CMS, sensitive web design, plug-in development, constructing and supporting web applications etc.

ZEBRA® experts trust to a modular approach and can facilitate you with integrated Andriod and iOS features to build your functional website operating on all platforms.

ZEBRA® IP Protection

We are a Slovene legal office, Patent, Design and Trademark Attorney, representing the clients in Slovenia and worldwide.

We focus on the protection of intellectual property rights and industrial property, namely registration of trademarks, service marks, industrial designs, and patents and provide also representation in domain name disputes.

Our practice and experiences cover the world.

Highly-qualified experts strive towards the protection, enforcement, and maintenance of intellectual property rights. Protected intellectual property rights shall confer on the owner’s exclusive right to use it, to have it at disposal as well as the possibility to prevent all third parties not having consent from using it or using something similar in the course of trade.

ZEBRA® Marketing

We are familiar with the inbound methodology that helps us to frame and develop a devoted visitors base online.

To boost your business online and increase your online ranking we offer you tailored made digital marketing solutions.

We define your marketing needs and offer you a customized integrated marketing solution. This includes website content creation, trademark consultation, trademark development, trademark creation, link building, SEO, SMM, PPC, Online Reputation and Brand Management, Media Arranging and Purchasing thus opening up new ways to generate your revenue.